Vasco de Gama

external image Vasco-da-Gama-1524-BR450.jpg
Vasco de Gama was a Portuguese sailor and explorer. He had a decent family and was well educated. In 1497, de Gama sailed from Lisbon with his three brothers. He sailed about 5 journeys that lead to success. On November 22, 1497, de Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. While he was traveling all around the world, he overcame a lot of troubles, such as, attacks, hurricane, storm and internal breakdown due to the crews of the ships. Overcoming all these troubles, de Gama's most significant achievement was sailing to India. Despite all the hardship de Gama brought Portugal their glory.

----external image bellini-feast-of-the-gods.jpg​Giovanni Bellini and Titian - The Feast of the Gods

This art is drawn by two artists named Giobanni Bellini and Titan. It was orignally painted by Bellini, but later, Titan drew in the forest and cliffs behind in order to make the paiting much more live and spirited. In the drawing, you can see realism, perspective, classicism, charoscuro and stufumato. The painting is about the gods of Olympus having a party and getting drunk. Their faces are red from wine, and one god on the right is trying to harrass a beautiful nymph. The story says that when he tried to harrass her by lifting her dress, Ass screamed and work her up. Without words this painting allows the people to understand what is happening.
After this painting was done, Bellini died and Titan revised it later. People thought that the painitng was very alive and soft. Also, the duke was so impressed of his work, he officially made the painting his own property. Therefore, he felt free, without any regret or sorrow, to repaint the painting that Bellini put his soul in. After Titan redrew the painting, it was considered the amzing painitng of the time. Everyone loved the painting and was very imprssed. Now, Bellini is one of the great art masters of the Renaissance.