Christopher Columbus
external image cristobalcolon.jpg
Christopher Columbus was a great explorer, however he was extremely cruel towards the natives in the land he discovered. He was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451, but he sailed and explored under Spain's rule. Columbus asked numerous other countries to support his voyages, but was rejected by all of the rulers except Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Columbus made four journeys to the Americas between the time period of 1492 and 1502. Within these ten years, Columbus made many discoveries that eventually led to the colonizing of the Americas. Columbus was an imperative explorer because his discoveries helped make America what it is today. Even though he treated the Indians brutally, he did start modern life in these places and began a series of great explorations to the Americas.

Botticelli - Primavera

external image primavera.jpg
Primavera, a painting created by Botticeli in 1482, is an ideal representation of Renaissance Art . Renaissance Art incorporates many things such as realism, perspective and classicism and this painting is a perfect example of it. In Medieval Art , people and nature were drawn incorrectly and out of proportion. Realism was when artists began to draw what things actually looked like and understood how to show it in pictures. Realism is seen here because all of the people are in proportion and have realistic features that are shown exactly how they are supposed to be. Perspective is another characteristic of Renaissance Art that is seen in Primavera. Perspective is shown in this painting because it has a background view of the sky and trees, and people are not just standing straight and still. Classicism is one more way of describing Renaissance Art, and it is seen because the people are fully covered up and are not stiff and motionless, but relaxed and are moving. Also, chiaroscuro and sfumato can be seen in the detail of the picture.

Humanism was a renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought like art, philosophy, history, poetry, and math. It was not based on religion, but it was not opposed to it either. Humanism is shown in Primavera because it does not have much to do with religion. This painting is all about love, as women are impregnated and cupid can be seen at the very top. Humanism is also shown through the confused expression on some of their faces. This shows that the people are thinking and taking interest in what is around them, which was a major part of the humanism concept.