Adolf Hitler

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Hitler rose to power as follows. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, and when President Paul von Hindenburg died, Hitler took all the power for himself and was Chancellor and President of Germany. He disliked the Western form of democracy because it did not move fast enough. It was slow-paced. Hitler believed that the heart of a strong central government was to be able to make decisions quickly. Hitler did not like plots, and he tried to create a master race, or the “Aryan race.”
Having legally come to power, he used brutality and subversion to carry out a group to transform the state into his dictatorship. He fed anti-Communist tactics into the Nazis and Nationalists. After the Communists had been barred, the Reichstag voted Hitler dictator. Also, he used propoganda against the Jews, blaming them for Germany's problems.

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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was a Spanish explorer that originally had intentions of landing in India for the spice trade, but accidentally landed on the east coast of modern day America. The three ships he used on his expedition, The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria, were paid for by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. They departed from Spain on August 3rd, 1492 and landed in the Americas on October 11 of the same year. He caused a massive colonization craze in the Americas and the Caribbean Islands by colonizing the land of the Native Americans (the Arawaks). He treated the "Indians" with extreme hostility, demanding gold and riches, and if they did not bring the expected amount, they were sentenced to death. He was arrested and faced charges, but the Queen and king released him so he can embark on another expedition.