Joseph Stalin

Born on December 21, 1879.
He was one of four; the other three died, and so he was always prone to bad health.

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Prince Henry the Navigator:
Prince Henry, a Portuguese, did not sail on any of the voyages he sponsored. But, he established a school that taught people how to become good navigators, mapmakers, and shipbuilders. His main goal was to find a water route to Asia to the Spice Islands in order to trade spices and other goods and also to explore west Africa. He wanted to find a water route because traveling by land was very tedious and dangerous; he also wanted a water route because boats could carry more cargo. The ships the country had at the time did not sail fast enough and were too hard to control, so he directed people to create new, faster, sleeker ships. The ship the people created was called the caravel. It took a while, 12 years, for his ships to reach the equator, then called the "Sea of Darkness", because of the rumors about what happens there. There were very violent storms and strong currents there, which is why all people that traveled there before Henry's ships rarely returned alive. Prince Henry sponsored tons of trips down the West coast of Africa and put Portugal into the lead for exploration of the sea, Africa, and the Indies. Because of him, people eventually rounded the southern tip of Africa and made it to India, but he was not alive to see this happen.

Donatello - David

What is this about?
The scene depicted by this statue if of after
**David** beat Goliath. This statue is of David standing and holding Goliath's sword above his head. Although there is no specific date for when this was made it is believed to have been created in the 1440's. The statue has some feminine qualities because he was "beautiful like a woman." Made out of bronze, this statue is 5 feet 2 inches tell, while **Michelangelo's** **David** is 13 feet 5 inches tall. David is depicted as a younger boy and is supposed to be young and sweet.

How is humanism represented in this? This statue is an example of humanism because David was not a god. He was a normal human being and was a younger male. He is not perfect like in Michelangelo's David , showing that he is human. Also, this shows the viewer that humans are capable of saving other people and defeating beasts themselves.

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